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The Initiative


This is the DNA of our company, our very own reason for existence. For every piece of jewelry purchased, we pledge to donate 20% of our net profit to a charity organization which will change monthly. We will keep in mind the events that affect our local community and our planet in order to pick a monthly charity.

The only way to keep giving more, and for a longer time, would be to gradually increase this number as our finances become more stable and eventually achieve a much higher number. Our goal is to eventually launch entire collections where a much higher percentage is redistributed to charity organizations.

This Month's Charity

Note: This section is updated monthly. The charity you are seeing below is the one to which proceeds for this month will go to.

The charity we have chosen for the months of March and April is La Dauphinelle, an organization which provides assistance, shelter and support to women who are victims of physical or psychological abuse, and to their children.

Last year, La Dauphinelle welcomed 124 women and 186 children who were facing emergencies. Unfortunately, with the ongoing global pandemic and shelter-in-place, there is a growing need for support of domestic violence victims.