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About us

Mahé is female-owned brand based in Montreal and founded by two sisters. Our goal has been to provide luxurious and minimalist jewelry at an affordable price. Having studied the jewelry market for a while now, the founders of Mahé realized that the markups (basically the profit that a company will take on an item) in jewelry were insanely high. A simple metal jewel plated with gold could go for thousands of dollars. The markup was not based on much rationale other than the branding - as you may have guessed, the raw materials are in fact hundreds of times cheaper than the retail price.

This is where the idea of Mahé arrived. What if we could provide simple, elegant and quality jewelry, but for much lower prices, and redirect this now much lower margin to a cause? Our gold and silver suppliers are the same ones as many luxurious jewelry brands. The only differences are our prices and our vision. We're thinking of something bigger, something more meaningful.